Ever wanted to create and publish your own website, just to get it out in the wild as quickly as possible? Bored of spinning up new server instances just to show "how it looks" to your manager working from home? Do you feel like all those hosted services like Squarespace or Wordpress.com are too costly or just not quite what you're after? Enter Netlify, hands down the best way to quickly deploy your static website, prototype or simple web app.

Reasons to use Netlify

  • It's platform agnostic - you can dump in whatever and the odds are you have a website coming out of the other end
  • It's free if you don't need a custom domain
  • It supports both manual (drag and drop) and automated (build tool) deployment

How it works (manual deployment)

1. Head over to Netlify.com and sign up. Use whatever method you want.


2. Locate your project folder and compress it into a ZIP folder. Here I'm using my neatest ever Pokémon website. alt

3. Click "New site" on the dashboard and drag the zip file into Quick Deployment area. Release.


4. That's it, your site is live! Netlify assigns a random name to your site and from this point onwards it lives under random-name.netlify.com.


Customize your deployment (under Settings)

There's plenty of ways to customize your deployments, three of the most vital and beginner-friendly ones below:

  • Change the subdomain of the site like I did for mine: pokemon-is-life.netlify.com alt

  • Add a custom domain name - use DNSimple to purchase and manage one, it's the Netlify of that space!

  • Make the site password protected (a killer feature):


That's it, hope this saves a few minutes of your time googling when it's time to deploy and show off your next website!