Heard while doing website projects:

"They didn't deliver what we wanted!"

"That wasn't in the specification!"

"They are behind the schedule, AGAIN!!"

"Who agreed to add these two features to the project two weeks before launch!?"

"Our CMS doesn't let me add cat GIFs to our front page slider. FML."

"If it's a quick thing to do, just do it so we don't have to argue with them again about the scope."

"What do you mean my modules are outdated?"

"They really don't pay us that much, so leave it be."

"They charge us for what?"

"Has somebody told them this?"

"A friend of mine told that their contractor developed their site that has as many pages as ours for half the €€€ than we paid."

¡¡¡Hey web shops!!!

Do everybody a favor and before taking in the next client figure out with them that are you there to help or to serve and then act accordingly.