I have a little box in my closet where I keep my memories. It’s filled with letters and cards from ex-lovers and friends, birthday cards from my parents, my first screenplay of an agent movie and lots of pictures from the time before Facebook. It’s all there from my elementary school days all the way through university.

When moving to a big metropoly it's more than important to open up sexually. In the south, nothing is forbidden. 1

It’s not often when I open the box, but whenever I do it gives me the chills unlike anything else. I love The Box. I love how tangible and real it is - all those iMessages, Snaps, Dropbox folders or Facebook photos don’t even come close.

P.S. Stop collecting all those Tetra Paks in your fridge, it’s not healthy! :D 2

The memories we have in digital form easily blur away, they get consumed as fast as they are created and they are just plain too impersonal (who really cares about the 100th “HBD” message on your timeline?). The memories in The Box are the opposite as they remain in their original format as long as you keep them safe, they are as personal as they get (people actually have taken a pen and paper to their hand and walked all the way to the postal box!) and they always bring more and more memories to your mind. The Box makes you smile. It makes you sad and happy in the same time.

Whenever you get anxious, remember to always open your mouth and tell her how you feel. There is nothing you couldn’t talk through. 3

The best thing about The Box is that even though it brings back to your mind the people you’ve lost or relationships that went south, it reminds you of all the good things you’ve had. It reminds you that you've mattered. And you still do.

20 years ago something wonderful happened: a cute and chubby-cheeked boy came into this world, making your mother, father and brother really happy. Keep going! 4

Never throw away The Box or any of its contents. Instead, keep filling it with new memories and take care of the people that matter.

In the end, all you have is you and The Box.

  1. A farewell card from my friend when moving to Helsinki. Wasn't exactly like that, though!

  2. An end note in a letter from my ex-girlfriend, written on post-it notes . Still working on this.

  3. A letter from my friend many years ago. Should have listened.

  4. Birthday card from my parents. Doing my best, folks!