1. Licecap

Licecap makes it dead easy to record your screen as a gif animation. See this gif I made while watching gifs:

Licecap is so straightforward it hurts. You open the app, it gives you a resizable bezel inside which everything gets recorded, you press "Record", do whatever on the screen you want (Licecap runs on the background) and then press "Stop" while done.

1,5. Drop to GIF

One annoying but rare to encounter restriction of Licecap is that it can't record your menu bar or dock area of your screen. But don't worry young Gifawan - Drop to GIF is here to the rescue. Basically what you do is that you record your screen using Quicktime Player and then DROP (hence the name...) the generated file into DtoG app and there you have it - a fresh GIF out of the oven! A rather mindfucking example: Taking a Licecap recording of me recording my screen with Quicktime Player and then converting it to a gif with Drop to GIF. It will make sense. At some point. Maybe.

2. Loremify

Crafted by the awesome Tobias Ahlin comes Loremify, a little gem living in your menu bar. As the name implies, the app generates Lorem Ipsum text for you. The beauty? In a few seconds you can select either plain, markdown or HTML text and define the use case and the amount of text. See below:

3. iA Writer

The pure joy of writing distraction free is embodied in this app. It is nothing more than a blank screen (either black or white) that let's you write in markdown, not worrying about formatting.

Do you really need that big screen when 90% of your screen estate is black, and all you do is write?

To Simo who asked this stupid question: Yes I do. Look at it:

It's awesome. It's beautiful. It's life. It's 5/7.

4. Caffeine

We all know it makes no sense to force your dear Mac not to sleep, but it is also annoying as hell to realise it just started snoring while you were idle for only so little time while checking Facebook messages on your phone...erhm...I mean when in the middle of an important presentation.

Luckily there's an app for preventing this from happening, young Sleepwalker: Caffeine, the coffee cup that you can trust on!

It's nothing more than an icon on your menu bar that once activated (filling up the cup) forces your computer to stay awake, and once deactivated (the coffee cup is emptied), your computer is free to sleep.

5. 1password






And then there's 1password, the way to go so you can actually forget all those passwords. Wise? Naaah. But convenient? Yes - until you forget the master password.

6. Duet Display

Stop wasting your money on external displays you don't need! Just download Duet and connect your iPad to your Mac and suddenly you are a serious screen estate hustler with more space than NASA (does that even mean anything?).

As opposed to Wifi connected external display apps, Duet beats them to the ground long before the fight even starts. The only caveat that I can come up with is that they use an automated localization service on their website giving me shitty Finnish. But as that's the worst, one could say this app comes highly recommended.

7. f.lux

Me: My eyes, my eyes!
You: What about them?
Me: They don't hurt anymore!!
You: ....??.... :O
Me: It's because of f.lux! It's an awesome app that adjusts the brightness of your screen according to the natural day cycle. I love it even though at night it makes my screen look like someone peed on it!
You: Okay.... *downloads f.lux *

Bonus: Wandertab

This has nothing to do with making or productivity, it's all about dreaming. Wandertab is a Chrome extension that serves you random flight deals accompanied with a hi-res photo of the destination - every time you open a new tab. SHOW ME THE MONEY, I NEED TO BOOK SOME FLIGHTS!!!